Kunstkammer: Fundraising and awareness-raising for the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna.

New Marx: Nomen est omen – a city quarter gets a new idea and a name to match.

Kongresskultur Bregenz: The first logo which can be adapted for any client.

IKB: Corporate story and design for the Innsbruck municipal enterprises.

one Brand development and communication for a mobile network operator in Austria.

Miramonte: This building in Bad Gastein is really more of a mindset than a hotel.

Velcom: Corporate design for the largest mobile network operator in Belarus.

WOM: Corporate Re-Design for a Chilean Challenger

ARD: The brand world of Germany’s public broadcaster.

Corporate design: logos just as colourful and individual as the jobs themselves.

paybox Bank: Design for the world’s first mobile operator to provide banking services.

Volksoper Vienna: Positioning, branding and communication.

Brand development: If it’s easy to read, it was difficult to write.

Tonio: The world’s first audio QR code.

cell-c: Brand development for a mobile network operator in South Africa.